Nicole Lovelace Gordon

Nicole Lovelace Gordon has been a member of the Canine to Five team since October 2017. Needing to free the shackles of corporate life, she sought a job that would provide physical activity, flexibility, and the freedom to be outside. Ultimately however, it was her love of dogs that would land Nicole a spot on the Canine to Five walking team!

When she is not out walking our hounds, she and her husband, Zachary are raising their three dogs – Bishop (Boston Terrier), Gambit (Pitt/Mastiff mix), and Gretchin (Morkie). They find relaxation and peace during their free time, which is usually spent hiking, swimming, snuggling, training, and day tripping with their canine companions. They love to cook, travel, and watch movies. Nicole is a self professed DIY queen! So when she is not working on various project around their home, she can be found baking, sewing, crafting, tie dying, and making jewelry. In order to keep up with our pooches, she is a yoga and Pilates lover. And of course, when you see her, you recognize her favorite color is pink… highlighting her hip, Aquarius style!

  1. Favorite Food: ANYthing with cheese. Or Chocolate.
  2. Favorite Toy: LoveDon Manor…aka: my house. I love interior design!
  3. Favorite Past Time: Beach vacations with my family. My K9 kids LOVE the water, as does their mermaid mother.
  4. Naughtiest Deed: I have the mouth of a sailor.
  5. Pet Peeves: People who don’t use blinkers; people who ghost you; lack of symmetry; and drunk people!
  6. Known Accomplices: My pack of K9 kids and my hubby
Nicole Lovelace Gordon