About Us

An Idea is Born

Canine to Five opened for business in May 2007 to provide loving care to Baltimore dogs in the most professional and reliable manner possible. Pack oriented and exercise minded, we always offer superior customer service. We exceed expectations by caring and respecting for all who we work for and build lasting relationships with open communication. We promise a strong work ethic, honesty and dedication to help you with your everyday dog care needs.

Canine to Five is owned and operated by Chrissy Wohltmann. Having a dog who’s schedule needed more rearranging then hers and relied on neighbors to ease the anxiety, she decided to open her own premium dog care service.  Chrissy’s hope, in years ahead, is to grow Canine to Five into a fabulous destination for her furry clients and their owners. She is an active member of Pet Sitters International (PSI) petsit.com and certified in Pet First Aid.

Currently her husband Steve, their twins, Harry and Winston, and chocolate lab, Franklin, live in Hunt Valley, Maryland.

Our Mission & Core Values

Canine to Five offers premium dog care, services and expertise to help ease the anxiety that can come with dog ownership; all while simultaneously building a local community of conscience owners to create a harmonious Baltimore pack, four legs at a time.

We believe in dedication and responsibility to our pack.

Thoughtful loving care and honesty lead all we do for our dogs, owners and employees.

We strive to inspire and to be an expert resource to help our community of people and pooches.