Our Team

Hope is one of my most favorite words.

I believe that hope is the expectation that what is wanted can be had. Hope believes that events will turn out for the best. That there is a secure future and good will prevail! If you have hope, you will inspire another to hope and then others will follow. What you hope for, but does not come to fruition, may just be because it is not your destiny. So then, you just have to have Faith.

Canine to Five was built on hope and faith many years ago! And from my hope and faith a mindful, helpful and impactful team has grown of woman and men who make tremendous contributions to the community we serve and the families we touch.  

What we do as a team allows our clients to hope for whatever they want.

Chrissy Wohltmann, Founder

Our Walkers

At Canine to Five, our walkers tend to become an extension of your family.  Highly skilled canine lovers almost all are veteran pet owners too. Trained pack leaders, our aim is to socialize and integrate your canine companion into our pack while providing the highest care possible. We strive to help dog owners better understand their pet’s unique psychology and behavior for a more harmonious life at home.

We create loving, respectful bonds with your dogs that often last a lifetime.

Emory Knott
Bree Radke

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