Chrissy Wohltmann

Watching a movie, a character took a hiatus from her job and fumbled into dog walking. At a crossroads in my career, due to the financial crisis of 2007, I was intrigued. Looking into the industry, I was pleasantly surprised to see it making leaps and bounds when the economy around us was in dismay. At first, I was blown away by the reports and then quickly remembered that we all consider our pets to be like family, therefore we budget for them!!! So I started to ask around… Would you hire a dog walker? How many days a week? I just kept receiving more yes’s than no’s. Canine to Five was born.

Walking one dog a day for several weeks when I started, word spread and my pack grew. Today we service over 150 furry clients and look forward to growing with hope and faith.

  1. Favorite Food: Pasta with olive oil, salt, pepper and summer vegetables…simple, clean and tasty.
  2. Favorite Toy: Camera
  3. Favorite Past Time: Watching movies
  4. Naughtiest Deed: Embarrassing my hubby 🙂
  5. Pet Peeves: Dogs that walk their owners
  6. Known Accomplices: A lady needs some secrets!
Chrissy Wohltmann