Emily DeLoskey

Emily joined the Canine to Five Team in 2011. Born and raised In Baltimore, she and her husband Drew live in Timonium with their two children, Ellie and Charlie, and one fur baby, Dexter. In addition to being a walker and a mama, Emily is also an elementary school teacher. Just like with her students, she loves getting to know the unique personality of each pooch in her pack. Emily grew up with beagles and owns the muttiest mutt, but she is a dog lover of all breeds. Her other favorite job perks are being outdoors and getting some extra exercise and quiet time!

  1. Favorite Food: Ice cream!!!
  2. Favorite Toy: Definitely my iPad
  3. Favorite Past Time: Hanging with my family and reading on the beach. I should also include online shopping….yikes.
  4. Naughtiest Deed: Exploiting online coupon codes
  5. Pet Peeves: Not picking up after your dog!
  6. Known Accomplices: Cara Kelly and I have been known to cause some trouble.
Emily DeLoskey