Zoe Larbig

Meet Canine to Five walker, Zoe Larbig! She has been with the Canine to Five team since November 2016 and is beloved among her canine pack. A Gerontology major at Towson University, Zoe is also the President of the Equestrian team. She has four dogs at home: Ziggy, Biggs, Piper, and Baloo. She loves riding horses, playing volleyball, and doing anything outside. Zoe has been riding for three years, playing volleyball for over ten, and is extremely close with her family (human and canine alike).

  1. Favorite Food: Steak!!
  2. Favorite Toy: A Volleyball
  3. Favorite Past Time: Either sleeping or riding horses. I’m always in my bed or at the barn lol
  4. Naughtiest Deed: Taking the golf cart for a spin at 2am….that didn’t go over well with my mother
  5. Pet Peeves: Hearing people chew (it drives me crazy!)
  6. Known Accomplices: My best friends Camii and Sydni, and my roommate Hayley
Zoe Larbig