Millennials Are Buying Homes Because of Their Dogs

With the Spring real estate market in full swing, we were struck by an article in Time Magazine about current real estate trends within the Millennial generation. According to a recent survey by SunTrust mortgage, researchers discovered that Millennials are buying homes with their dogs in mind, rather than spouses or children. The article also notes that “only more living space and the opportunity to build equity came above the furry companions.” Honestly, we can’t say we were completely surprised by the data. If anyone understands hows integral a role our canine companions play, it would be a team of dog walkers! However, it did strike us as significant that this trend seems to be growing alongside an entire new generation of home buyer. I mean, how cool is that?

We wanted to hear some honest feedback about this subject from someone on the pulse of Baltimore’s real estate scene, so we caught up with local real estate guru, Annie Balcerzak.  Not only does Annie head up the Balcerzak Group of Keller Williams Legacy, she’s also an investor, rehabber, and designer. She has well over a decade of experience in the field and her knowledge and understanding of market trends is vast and well rooted…

The Interview

Do you feel this data is accurate for our Baltimore metropolitan area and if so, what are some noticeable changes that really illustrate that? For example, are there particular neighborhoods that you’ve watched grow due to close proximity to public parks or perhaps some with bigger, more suburban back yards?

Absolutely! Being close to parks are a huge draw. Just this month we worked with 2 buyers who had their dogs needs as top 5 on their must have list- those needs include walkability to parks and dog friends spaces/places and land to run/ play.

We know you are a pet owner yourself (we love your instagram account – hi, Briz!AWE!!)… Have you ever found yourself making personal decisions about where you want or should live based on the well being of the big guy?

100%. I tell my husband that he is 3rd child and I really mean it. His well being and happiness are in mind with all big decisions we make. There is no one else in my world who can de-stress me, be has over joyed to see me relentlessly and be a protector and loyal companion 24/7…so he’s earned the right.

You’ve been doing this awhile! How long have you been helping individuals and families with their real estate needs?

I’ve been in Real estate for 11 years (whoa, where did the time go! Can we tell everyone I stared at age 10?). It’s a true passion and I wake up everyday loving more then the day before. I’m so very thankful for that.

Do you have any advice for individuals or families with pets who are out there looking to buy? Or even for those who might be renting?

If you are looking to buy or rent in an area, and have pets; my advice would be to really think about the things that will add value, convenience and joy to life with your pets- (fenced yards are a HUGE bonus because installing a fence is a big expense and something to keep in mind.)

If there is anything else you want to add, feel free!!

I am consistently moved by the love that people have for their pets. There is no better way to start or end my day then being greeted by a wagging tail!

Annie Balcerzak, Leader & CEO
The Balcerzak Group of Keller Williams Legacy

So you can see, gone are the days of dogs being quarantined to backyard runs and separate living quarters. Dogs are apart of the family and a new generation of home buyer is not only recognizing that, but celebrating it! View the full Time article for all those who were interested in reading more.